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Fiedler's Allies

Severna Park Republican Women
• Put gun dealer profits over police-recommended security to prevent smash-and-grab robberies that put illegal guns on the streets

BILL NO. 109-21
• Voted against public health & vaccine access

- Fiedler voted against accepting $5.4 million in desperately needed state grant money for the health department’s COVID vaccination program, testing, and opioid intervention work. 
BILL NO. 89-21
- Fiedler voted against funding the Department of Health and targeted the department for budget cuts
​BILL NO. 32-21
BILL NO. 26-20 amend Nos.120, 143, 174
BILL NO. 29-19 amend Nos. 54, 74

- Further, to avoid promoting science-based treatments and prevention for COVID-19 that were rejected by Trump and the MAGA Republican base, Fiedler suggested that the county could waste money buying and distributing unproven "vitamin cocktails" to address COVID-19 instead. 
County Council Emergency Session 1/7/22
• Voted to slash the education budget & refused to fund teachers 

BILL NO. 32-21

BILL NO. 26-20
BILL NO. 29-19 amend No. 83
• Wants contractors who pay substandard wages to win county contracts

BILL NO. 72-21
- Fiedler voted against prevailing wage and local hiring provisions for county capital projects, which rewards lowest bid contracts on capital projects even if they get there by paying their labor substandard wages. 
"[Ethical businesses that support tradesmen] cannot compete with low-road contractors who can undercut us by not paying their labor the family-supporting wages they deserve."
• Sought to cut working budgets for services (water, roads, libraries, etc.) every year— Refused to vote to fund the budget until an election year

BILL NO. 37-22 (multiple amendments)
Statement from Carl Neimeyer regarding Fiedler's election-year budget vote reversal
"Again and again, Ms. Fiedler, like Councilman Peroutka before her, voted against supporting the budgets necessary to support our quality of life in this county. Repeatedly, she has fought to slash budgets and reject beneficial funding and legislation to toe the party line.... I do fear that if District 5 were to grant Ms. Fielder a second term, there is little reason to hope that she will sustain this election-year reversal. Rather, we should expect a return to only “basic services” being underfunded, understaffed, and kicking the can down the road on needed investments. Can we trust that when the threat of the 2022 election is removed, she will put her constituents’ need for funded, functioning government over the demands of donors and partisan Republican interests?"
BILL NO. 32-21 (multiple amendments)
BILL NO. 26-20 (multiple amendments)
BILL NO. 29-19 (multiple amendments)
Planning cuts.png
Water cut.png

🚨WATCH: Director of Public Works explains the risk to safe water from budget cuts

• Targeted our district’s capital improvement projects for cuts

Fiedler not only refused to fund projects by voting against the budget, she specifically targeted District 5, her own district's capital projects— the Broadneck Peninsula Trail & Anne Arundel Community College— for budget cuts.
BILL NO. 32-21 amend No. 71
BILL NO. 26-20
BILL NO. 29-19 amend No. 96 
D-grade by Maryland League of Conservation Voters 

MD League of Conservation Voters Anne Arundel Co. 2020 Mid-Term Report Card
• Tried to defund the Crownsville Nonprofit Center and give the building to a campaign donor... twice.

BILL NO. 37-22 amend No. 51
We don’t get to play real estate agents for nonprofits… picking and choosing winners and losers… [who] lobby successfully.”
-Councilwoman Allison Pickard (D- Glen Burnie) on rejecting amend No. 51
Fiedler Campaign donors_edited.jpg
• Plays ball for far-right extremism— supported bills to stifle free speech and accurate history, supported targeting migrants, refused to support women's rights or condemn the Jan. 6th insurrection

"Anne Arundel Council reject bill that treats equity as discrimination"
BILL NO. 81-21
Director Hill explains the speech-stifling effects and dubious enforcement mechanisms of Bill 81-21
BILL NO. 37-22 amend No. 57
Amendment 57 would have required programs using county funds to “inquire” about immigration status before serving people, encouraging racial profiling by and bureaucratic hurdles for county agencies.
"Anne Arundel council condemns Capitol insurrection despite split Republican vote"

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Authority: Citizens for Carl Neimeyer; Laura Calise, Treasurer

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