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• Voted to defund millions from Police, Sheriff, Detention, and Fire department budgets (...)

• Put gun dealer profits over police-recommended security to prevent smash-and-grab robberies that put illegal guns on the streets (...)

• Voted against public health & vaccine access (...)

• Voted to slash the education budget & refused to fund teachers (...)

• Wants contractors who pay substandard wages to win county contracts(...)

• Sought to cut working budgets for services (water, roads, libraries, etc.) every year— Refused to vote to fund the budget until an election year (...) 

• Targeted our district’s capital improvement projects for cuts (...)

D-grade by Maryland League of Conservation Voters (...)

• Tried to defund the Crownsville Nonprofit Center and give the building to a campaign donor... twice. (...)

• Plays ball for far-right extremism— supported bill to stifle free speech and accurate history, supported bureaucratic hurdles to target migrants, refused to support women's rights or condemn the Jan. 6th insurrection (...)

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Authority: Citizens for Carl Neimeyer; Laura Calise, Treasurer